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Current Issue

Spring 2017

Table of Contents
Chicago Journal of History

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Hansong Li

Letter from a Historian: History and Science, History as Science: Simplification, Modeling and Humility
Clifford Ando, University of Chicago

Fiction and History: Narratives, Contexts and Imagination
Jane Dailey, Ghenwa Hayek, Ada Palmer, Paola Iovene, University of Chicago; David Perry, Dominican University

Divine Love in the Medieval Cosmos
Jack Ford, University College London

A Hindu-Islamic Translation: Retrieving Dara Shikuh's Confluence of the Two Oceans
Doha Tazi Hemida, Columbia University

William Gladstone: Providence and the People, 1838-1865
Jack Dickens, University of Cambridge

Soviet Jewish Emigration and Holocaust Collective Memory
Raya Koreh, Harvard University

A Long Hot Summer: The 1964 Columbia Avenue Race Riot and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Philadelphia
Hannah Fagin, University of Pennsylvania

Prisons and Floods in the U.S.: Interrogating the Notions of Social and Spatial Control
Hannah Hauptman, Yale University

Fairways, Greens, and Green Space in the American Riviera
Nicholas Stewart, Yale University

Remembering the Reconstruction: An Interview with Kate Masur
Kate Masur, Northwestern University; Sarah Manhardt, University of Chicago

Issue 7

Autumn 2016

Table of Contents
Chicago Journal of History

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Hansong Li

Letter from a Historian: History and Truth in the Age of Trump
Jonathan Levy, University of Chicago

Bio-History in the Anthropocene: Interdisciplinary Study on the Past and Present of Human Life
Kyle Harper, University of Oklahoma; Lynn K. Nyhart, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Joanna Radin, Yale University; Julia Thomas, University of Notre Dame; Russell Tuttle, University of Chicago; Jonathan Lyon (moderator), University of Chicago

Humanity and the Great Seas: Conversation with David Abulafia
David Abulafia, University of Cambridge; Hansong Li, University of Chicago

'Seiknes Incurabill': The Evolution of Literary Representations of Leprosy in Medieval and Early Modern English Narratives
Alexandra Houston, Princeton University

From Guslars to Garasanin: Comparing the Influence of Oral Folk Literature on Croatian and Serbian National Movements from 1830 to 1865
Anna M. Walker, Princeton University

Savage Sagebrush and Christian Orchards: Reassessing Wilderness and Civilization on the Harriman Alaska Expedition
Anna Davis, Johns Hopkins University

Lift the Red, Stay in the Black: The Public and Private Economies of Race Ideas at the Carlisle Indian School, 1879-1904
Isaac Stein, University of Chicago

Drinking the Sea Water: Franklin Roosevelt, Polish-Americans, Yalta, and the Downfall of a Civic Elite
Matthew Schweitzer, University of Chicago

Legitimizing National Identity through 'Transnational Existences': Post-war Kosovo and its Relationship with the European Union, 1998-2008
Mirela Kadric, University of Sydney

Ideas in Context: Conversation with Quentin Skinner
Quentin Skinner, Queen Mary University of London; Hansong Li, University of Chicago